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"Insider Secrets - How to Increase Your Sales and Ranking on Amazon"
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Every author needs this important webinar. Here's what others are saying:

I found Karen’s webinar extremely useful! I’d done a lot of research in preparation for my upcoming book launch, but I learned more in an hour of Karen’s webinar than I had in dozens of hours of reading from other experts. I took eight pages of notes and finished the webinar with a clear vision of how to proceed with a successful book launch. Thank you, Karen for sharing your secrets with us!
— Heather Creekmore, author of “Compared to Who?: A Proven Path to Improve Your Body Image
I’m so encouraged by this webinar. Karen used powerpoint slides and spoke in such a way that it was easy to take notes. Her information was informative, specific and very helpful to a newbie book launcher.
— Bev Murrill, author of “Speak Life: ..and Shut the Hell Up!”
LOVED the webinar!  There was so much information I can’t wait to go back and go through it all over and over—it was like you were talking directly to me.  Can’t wait for the next one!
— Bonnie McPhail, author of “The Angel Seer"


“How to Get Started Writing Your Book”
Coming in April

Summary: This includes 8 important steps in the writing process that every pro knows and which you need to know as you start. Otherwise you will find yourself reworking, recreating and reconnecting the dots once you complete the process. Save time and create a polished finished product with this webinar.

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"From an Agent’s Point of View"
Coming Soon
$25 - 45 minutes

Summary: Do you need a literary agent? What does an agent do? How much do they cost? How can I get their attention? I answer these questions and more including the 4 things that cause me to turn down an author and what causes me to say “yes!”


“Five Important Steps to Take Your Writing to the Next Level”
May 2, 7:00 p.m. CST

Summary: As a literary agent I read lots of manuscripts and proposals and it doesn’t take more than a quick review of the first chapter of an author’s book (often times just the first paragraph) to determine the writer’s writing skill and their ability to keep the reader’s attention. I’ve learned that most writers make the same common errors. These are five important areas and steps to recognize and it is what distinguishes a novice from a professional or a mediocre professional with a really strong writer.

Anyone can do it…you just have to know how. This webinar will provide you with those easy-to-apply steps.

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