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How Kathryn Kuhlman Overcame a Murderous Spirit

by Karen Hardin

Forty years ago, Kathryn Kuhlman went on to glory. The healing anointing and miracle mantle that marked her life are still inspiring believers around the world today through books, recordings and video—but it could have been much different.

Few know what she had to overcome to leave this legacy. Beyond the poor upbringing and the difficult divorce, an antichrist spirit raged against her. Hell worked to derail Kathryn's life and ministry—and remove the fiery redhead from her God-given seat of authority.

It's important to understand what was at work against Kathryn's miracle ministry because that same devil is roaming about in this hour to destroy believers willing to stand for Christ. An antichrist spirit is manifesting in society through Jesus mocking, legal battles to remove Christian symbols from the public square and other destructive forces intent on muting the church's voice.

The antichrist spirit, which we see operating in Daniel 7:25, works to wear down, devastate and destroy the saints through persecution, criticism, judgment and offense. Antichrist—or anti-anointing—spirits operate like battering rams, pummeling the saints with a constant barrage of harassment and pounding away at the fortitude and stamina of their targets. Many weary soldiers have laid down their weapons and walked away from their gifts and callings instead of running to the battle line with their full armor on to combat this wicked giant—but not Kathryn... 

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