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Paladin Publishing Priority PR Group Literary Agency Karen Hardin Tulsa OK


We are happy to announce an opportunity available for PriorityPR Group & Literary Agency authors. Paladin Publishing is a new imprint we have added to help authors achieve greater distribution for their books. 
The definition of Paladin is: “A leading champion of a cause.”
We feel there has never been a more important time in history than the present to get quality books out into the hands of readers that will make a significant impact into their lives and hearts. 
For books that meet specific criteria for the Paladin Publishing label, we have an agreement with Christian Book Distributors (CBD) as a distributing partner for this imprint. CBD has seventeen different catalogs they print and distribute each year to a database of multi-millions of customers. The books will also be made available on their extensive website. 


Why CBD and not Amazon?

While Amazon is a household name and where the largest majority of book buyers go to shop does it really help?  Consider most buyers often only go to Amazon because they are already looking for a specific title. They are not marketing for you, but selling to your existing clients. If your book is on Amazon via your publisher, then you have no control over that option AND hopefully your publisher is assisting in marketing efforts so that this is a good and needed venue. 
However, if you are self-published or in a co-publishing contract, then Amazon is a vehicle for most authors in which are competing against themselves. Why? Because Amazon will almost always beat the price you will offer it on your own website. So why should a customer purchase from your website (where they begin to develop relationship with you) when they can purchase your book at a discount on Amazon. (Which in reality is also you---only at a lower price and you don’t get their contact information.)
CBD is another story. They actually help you market your book as they include it in their catalogs which get shipped to millions of homes throughout the year. People that don’t know about your book can now find your book as they search under specific topics for items. 

Paladin Publishing is continuing to work on distribution relationships with other entities to help authors, who are not under a traditional publishing contract, achieve greater audience recognition and distribution. 
Paladin is NOT a full service publisher. We can assist in the packaging and development of the book and distribution opportunities. We are an imprint to help authors gain distribution into realms they cannot achieve themselves. 
NOTE: Manuscripts  under the Paladin Publishing label must go through an approval process of our discretion. Not all books will meet this criteria. 
If you are interested in submitting your manuscript for review please CLICK HERE
If you are interested in learning additional information regarding this program you can email us at, or simply fill out the form below.