The Real Adventure is Living Real Life

Are you living a real adventure or a surrogate one? It happens all the time? Why? Because to live life in reality and real adventure means we will encounter danger. It requires that we face our fears.

 It's so much easier to "live" someone else's reality, but in essence there is just as much danger. Yet people do it all the time. Bestselling author, Roy Williams brought this to light in one of his recent posts (The Monday Morning Memo) with his statement:

  • "Video games and movies and fiction books are surrogate adventures.
  • Television shows - including the news - are surrogate adventures.
  • Extramarital affairs are surrogate adventures.
  • Gambling - including the stock market - is a surrogate adventure."

 Living for real is an actual adventure.

And who doesn't want to live an adventure? The reason we don't is we are afraid we might fail. Afraid to face the unknown.

 "Living for real means choosing to make a difference.

  • Choosing to do a kindness for a stranger.
  • Choosing to encourage a friend.
  • Choosing to right a wrong.
  • Choosing to apologize."

Living for real is about choices. Choosing to forge ahead even when you are misunderstood, blamed for something you didn't do, judged for something that isn't true.

It is about loving, standing, believing the best and forging ahead.

It is about pursuing the God-given dream He has placed in your heart, no matter how many others tell you it is impossible--the nay-sayers.

Ignore them. Love them. Press ahead.

Live the real adventure.

Karen Hardin - Literary Agent and Marketing Guru
PriorityPR Group & Literary Agency