5 Common Mistakes by Bloggers that Hinder Readership

Ever feel like you are blogging into thin air? Have you ever asked yourself, "Is anyone really reading my posts and is this really worth the effort?"

Every blogger has had that feeling at one time or another. However, the lack of comments or shares is not necessarily indicative on whether you blog is getting read. However, there are things that we can do as bloggers to help make sure we are getting read and making an impact. 

If you want to boost your readership there are things you can do.  What are the biggest mistakes that most bloggers make? They are common and they can be overcome. 

5 Most Common Blogging Errors

  1. Length
    The post is too long. On average readers want a bite size dose. If possible keep the post to 300-500 words. The exception to this rule are instructional content driven blogs. Stats show that some of the most visited and read blogs are actually 1000-1500 words, but that is when they carry instructional content, especially that is specific to the "brand" that the reader is expecting in that blog.

  2. Frequency 
    You post too often. Or you don't post often enough. There is a "sweet spot" that each blogger must find for their audience. It used to be the rule that you needed to blog daily. Yet in this noisy and blog saturated society, that doesn't necessarily still hold true. AND it may be more than your schedule can handle. The key is to post consistently, so that your readers know what to expect. I post once a week on Mondays. And if I don't, I usually hear about it. What works for you...and for your readers? The key is to show up and deliver. Consistency is the key word here.

  3. Off Content
    It goes without saying that you need to have something to say...and say it well. Aside from that, bloggers sometimes miss the mark when they post on topics that aren't the reason for which the reader came. For example, if you blog on parenting and you suddenly post on politics or sports, you're going to mess with your reader. Find your niche and stay with it.
  4. Participation
    It's important to invite participation when possible if you want an interactive blog.

    This can be done two ways. First, ask open-ended questions. For example, in this blog I ask, "What are your blogging successes? Share them." Second, you need to participate in the conversation. When conversation starts among your readers, it's important that you interject from time to time. Not after every comment, but enough that the reader knows you are there. Stay active.

  5. Keep It Catchy
    This can be done on two levels. First with a good catchy headline to grab attention. Make your reader want to start reading. Second, make your first sentence/paragraph impact. Give your reader a reason to keep reading.

It Can Increase Your Skill Level - A blog is a great exercise for any writer. Writing a short, content-driven, impacting article takes more skill, in my opinion, then a lengthy, rambling article. My friend,Richard Exley with his "One-Minute Devotionals" is a great example of a writer who has crafted the art of how to make every word count. 

So don't be discouraged as you blog. Take a step back and as you review these points, determine if there are places you can refine and redefine your message for greater readership. 

Monitor what posts have shown impact and which don't, and discover your own sweet spot and your audience! 


What have you done in your blog that has helped you gain readership or responses? Share your tips and we all learn and grow as we blog/vlog our way to our audience.  


Karen Hardin - Literary Agent and Marketing Guru
PriorityPR Group & Literary Agency