What Can These Men Teach Us About Blogging?

Three past presidents discovered the secret and power of words with inaugural speeches noted as the most memorable in history. What may surprise you is that two of these speeches were also noted as the shortest in history.

President Abraham Lincoln holds the record for the shortest inaugural address in history at his second inauguration with a speech at just over 700 words. A man of little formal education, the wisdom of his words inspired a divided nation to walk toward unity.

President George Washington's first inaugural address was under 1500 words and also made the list of one of the most notable speeches in history. The humility and his trust in a Higher Power, drew the hearts of the people to him and help found our nation.

Franklin Roosevelt's first inaugural address, was noted for the hope it infused into America during a time of intense fear and hopelessness. His content-rich speech inspired a nation to believe again and declared war on the Great Depression.

All of this was done with words.

Your post may never reach the entire nation, but it can still make an impact. Perhaps you are imparting wisdom, insight, hope, compassion or a challenge.

The key is to make every word count.

As an agent I can tell you that anyone who is serious about getting published should consider blogging.

Blogging has launched the careers of several recent celebrity status authors, such as Ree Drummond.

Known as "The Pioneer Woman" she is now a bestselling author of several books with her own national program on the Food Network. And it all started with a blog.

Here are three important reasons to blog: 

1. You Increase your Platform

Even if you start with a small audience, if you consistently deliver good content and are consistent when you post. Plus, you make it easy to find your material, your platform will increase. This is important why? Because publishers are looking for authors with a platform.

2. You Increase your Skill Level

Anyway you cut it, the more you write, the better you become at the craft. In addition, when you work to write content rich short blogs, you up that benefit significantly because you learn to make every word count.

3. You Increase your Ability to Tap Into Responsive Material

Writers that blog understand the importance of engaging their audience. Responses, or the lack thereof, can be tremendous indicators for a writer in their attempt to determine what topics hit the mark to help them write blogs, books and articles that impact and gain readership.

If Presidents Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt had lived in our day, I bet they would have blogged, for these men understood the power of words to inspire, challenge and draw support.

Never doubt the power of an inspired blog. And remember it's not about length. It's about content.


 Have you used your blog to determine interest level of a title? Book cover, or topic?

What was your response?


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Karen Hardin - Literary Agent and Marketing Guru
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