NEED $$ TO FUND YOUR PROJECT? Get Attention, Get Noticed, Get Funded, Part III

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(Note: This is the last of a three part series on how to fund your next book or film project using websites such as IndiegogoKickstarter, etc. Click here for Part one. Click here for Part two.

So by now, if you have followed this blog on "Getting Your Project Funded" you should now have steps one through three completed which means you should have chosen:

  1. which website best fits your needs (if you haven't go back to part one for links to the five suggested sites.)

  2. established your budget

  3. determined your thank you/reward offers

Now it is time to begin to engage:

Create and Share Your Ask

One of the best ways to do this is to create a short 30-90 second video pitch with a compelling "Ask" that outlines your budget and where the money is going.

Be transparent. Show energy. Show the greater good as you cast vision. Note for those that have never created their own "infomercial" this doesn't have to be an expensive venture with a hired camera crew and editor. Your phone works just fine. Just remember to pay attention to lighting, angles (always have the camera lens slightly above you rather than underneath you pointing upward.) and audio. Script your message, please don't shoot from the hip. Don't ramble. Get in, get out, get it done.

Next, upload to Youtube and utilize this new tool, your video pitch, via your social media platform to launch your campaign.

Contact a few key friends and family, who are behind you, to ask if they will donate within the first four days and share the project with their friends. This will help get the momentum started.

Remember to:

Communicate - Send out announcements via your platforms. Utilize as many platforms as you have available to you. Email. Twitter. Facebook. Linkedin. Pinterest. Etc. Ask your friends to contact friends with this announcement.

(Note: if you have not established a platform in these social media areas, this will probably be a rough road. It's hard to launch a project like this if your audience has not already been created to some extent.)

Tie it all back to your website.

This means have it on your homepage, or create a special landing page for the campaign. (Don't forget to shorten your URL and create an attention grabbing URL. You an go to to do this.)

  • Have your video ask front and center.
  • Use photos to grab attention
  • Include your budget breakdown so it is clear where the money is going...and not just in your pocket.
  • Engage bloggers to assist

Take the Time to Do it Right:

The most important and final tip is: Don't rush the planning.

To put a successful funding campaign into place takes thoughtful and detailed planning. The more money you are asking for in your budget, more than likely the longer the process to get the details in place. It takes time to create a compelling "ask", put together your rewards, linking your website, and the other components that will make this a success.

So often I see individuals who work a year or two to write their book, shoot their newest movie or create a new product. Time, passion and energy went into the making, but the instant it is completed that want to shoot their silver bullet immediately to announce the accomplishment without the necessary components in place that will help them gain participation from others.

A funding project is no different. You are ready to share your project with the world. Take the time to do it right. This is going to take longer than 30 days to accomplish. Plan accordingly.

Here are some final thoughts:

  1. Watch the tutorials for the website you have chosen to partner with to launch your project. Don't reinvent the wheel. You can view projects on each of these sites that have been very successful. There is a reason. It's ok to learn from them!

  2. Remember the rules for each social media platform and stay within appropriate guidelines. You don't want to get kicked off.

  3. Create your video announcement and be sure to include a link to each FB post, Tweet, Pin, etc for the duration of your campaign.

  4. Use pictures.

  5. Have a call to action.

  6. Pull the trigger.

After the campaign concludes, be sure to follow up ongoing communication with those who join you in your project. They are your friends and fans and are invaluable in this process. And let me know how you did!


Karen Hardin - Literary Agent and Marketing Guru
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