Your Writing Style is as Unique as Your Sense of Fashion

Karen Hardin Tulsa OK Priority PR Literary Agency

What is your writing style? Writing styles are as individual as writers. It's important you understand your style, your purpose and your motivation before you begin to write.

Is your goal simply to entertain? To train? To impact for change? Or just the goal to have your words read by others? As you stay true to yourself, your style and your purpose, you will develop your own unique style.

Consider the following:

Are you a fiction writer or do you write non-fiction? A storyteller or teacher? Are you a poet or analyst? Where is your passion? Because that is where you will be able to move the reader. And isn't that the goal of every writer? To impact and move those that read our material?

It's easy to read a book by another author...especially one that has done well in the marketplace and knowingly or unknowingly begin to focus our efforts in that direction. For example, when devotionals went big a few years ago it seemed everyone began to write in a devotional format. The only problem is as we work to re-create ourselves into a more marketable entity, we can sometimes lose ourselves in the process.

Don't force yourself into someone else's mold. Be yourself. Be unique.

An article or manuscript in which the writer has true expertise, skill and passion will gain an audience.Whether or not you gain a large audience is determined by several factors:

  1. The topic - is it a niche topic or for a far-reaching audience?

  2. Where have you posted or published your article or book?

  3. How have you promoted your article or book?

  4. Have you made it easy to find and purchase or download?

  5. Have you researched your material well, documented or foot-noted your data and presented compelling facts or background?

  6. Do you help your reader solve a problem, answer a question, or relieve their stress even for a few moments?

According to R.R. Bowker, there are an astonishing three million books published each year compared to approximately 10,000 a year just ten years ago[1]. Yet the number of readers has remained almost the same. So what does that mean? Most of the books published will never gain an audience, a place on retail store bookshelves, or media attention. It also means that the percentage of really good books has dropped significantly. It's impossible for that many additional books, published through a plethora of publishing venues...some with little or no all maintain high quality.

So let's start back at the beginning. Why do you write and what is your purpose? I hope it is more than just the desire or prestige or the romance in calling yourself an author.

Remember your best work will always come from your heart and by tapping into the gift within you.

True writers write, because for them, everything becomes a story, an article, a post or a journal entry...even if it is just for themselves.

So why do you write? And what is your purpose?




[1] Accessed May 3, 2015.