Have You Attended a Writer's Conference?

A couple of weeks ago in my post I talked about the  importance to never quit learning. One way to do this and stay current on publishing trends, apps and social media marketing is by attending a writer's conference.  

Several emailed after that post requesting suggestions on some good conferences. Really there are plenty. I've listed some names and links below.  

But let me also say, as you begin to research be sure to ask what workshops will be taught, the topic emphasis and who will be speaking. These are all important aspects. A conference that fits one year, may not be so perfect the following year if the workshops and speakers aren't talking on areas of interest.  

Conferences to Consider

My friend, Terry Whalin has written over 60 books and served as an acquisitions editor for various publishers over the years. He also has a website/newsletter "Right Writing News" which I recommend with lots of great writer's tips when you have time to check it out.   

Because of his position he has spoken at numerous writer's conferences over the years and so I called and asked him for his best recommendations for writer's conferences which are as follows:    

"One of the most complete websites for different types of writer's conferences is Shaw Guides. You can check this search engine out at: 

  The Shaw Guide to Writer's Conferences  

 One of the oldest and top Christian writers conferences in the U.S. is Mt. Hermon located south of San Jose, CA and held each spring over the Palm Sunday weekend. This conference has been one of the outstanding ones in terms of faculty, material and conference facility. I highly recommend it.

 The Mount Herman's Christian Writer's Conference

Another spring conference to consider is the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. Nestled into the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, this conference has a world-class conference center and staff. Check out the details at:

the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer's Conference

Each August, the Oregon Christian Writers have a well-attended conference that is worth your consideration:

   the Oregon Christian Writer's Conference

  Marlene Bagnull runs two excellent Christian conferences that you should also consider attending in Colorado and Philadelphia. To learn the specific details use these links: 

Colorado Christian Writer's Conference 


Great Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference  

And a final suggestion here is: 

the Florida Christian Writer's Conference 

Again, these are just a few suggestions as you begin this journey and many thanks to my friend, Terry Whalin for his insights.    


Karen Hardin - Literary Agent and Marketing Guru
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