What's on the Menu?

Who are you? What does your ministry or business represent? If someone said your name or the name of your ministry would a specific area of expertise immediately come to mind?
If not, it should.
Every successful company or ministry has an area of expertise for which they are recognized. Think about it...

  • Wal-Mart - low prices
  • McDonald's - hamburgers
  • Starbucks - coffee
  • David Barton/Wall Builders - foundations of American history
  • Oral Roberts - healing
  • Kay Arthur - precepts 

Problems begin when expansion becomes the next big goal at the sacrifice of the foundation. If you're a real estate expert I welcome your insights regarding land purchases, location and the next big housing boom. But if that message suddenly expands to include tips on child rearing or stock investments, you've lost me.
You may laugh, but it happens all the time. Such ideas of expansion may look good on paper, but they don't always play well. Take McDonald's introduction of the BBQ sandwich and pizza. Don't remember either? That's my point. When you think BBQ or pizza, McDonald's isn't what comes to mind. (Just thinking about McDonald's pizza makes me shudder. Thankfully it was short-lived.)
So the next time you are considering how to expand your audience, remember to stay focused on where you are recognized and build slowly. It's not about how much you have on your menu, but what you can deliver well.