Need for Speed - How to Get Faster at Writing Your Book, Blog, Magazine Articles, etc.

What is the primary reason that people don't write...or they don't finish their writing project? It's usually not writer's block. The #1 answer? TIME.

So if time is the primary issue, then what can be done to multiply your time? The obvious answer is to be able to focus and write faster, so that you can do more in less time AND keep the same quality. So here are some important tips to remember:
1. Just Write.
Get your thoughts onto paper and refrain from editing or reworking the sentences at this stage. Just get it down.
2. Meditate on it a day before.  
If you have an article or a blog you are about to write, then choose some downtime to meditate on the subject prior to writing. That might be time in the car on the way to a meeting or when doing an errand. It might be at night before bed. But letting your mind relax and embrace your topic without the stress of writing can often times bring great ideas into the process prior tothe time you actually sit down to do the work.
3. Remember payment isn't the motivating factor. 
I've had some authors tell me they refuse to write the article or book until they are certain they will receive a contract or payment for their efforts. If you are doing this simply for the money, then I understand that statement. If you are building your resume as a writer, not so much. Consider that each and every time you write, you can gain experience, insight and depth. Especially as you work with an editor, you get a chance to see where they correct your writing. This in itself is a great learning process when we pay attention to their tips. Research done in order to create the article, also adds to our knowledge base and can, more than likely, be reused in some other article or book. But most of all, each time you write, and the more consistent you are at writing between articles or books, the more speed and confidence you will build. It just gets easier AND faster. 

Several years ago I wrote a book of short, inspirational stories from interviews with both well-known individuals and individuals from all walks of life. Each story was anywhere from 1500-3000 words. When I first started the project, I hadn't conducted a lot of interviews and so the learning curve was slow until I found my rhythm...and cut my time in half. Today, I can tell you exactly how long it takes me to conduct an interview, write the story and complete a project of that nature because I have done it so many times. News stories are similar. I know what my time investment will most likely be before I start. Why? Because of practice.
So I challenge you to look at each writing assignment as honing your craft. So the article didn't get accepted? Ok, rework it and target it to another e-zine or newspaper. So the book was turned down? Maybe this is your opportunity to rework some of the pieces or your proposal in general. Remember, the more you write, the more you will improve. It is inevitable. And eventually, the paychecks will follow.