12 Tips on How to Be a Newsmaker

My friend, Lorri Allen is the author of "Be a Newsmaker" which offers tips for dealing with the media. She has also been the co-host of a national television and radio program. From her experience she recently shared with me 12 great tips for dealing with the newsmakers and becoming a newsmaker!

If you accomplish one tip per month, just think where you will be by 2016! You can do this!

12 Resolves For 2014

 How to Get the Attention of the News Media

      For January, I resolve to update my media list of reporters who cover my industry, local reporters whose beat I fall into, and national news producers with whom I'd love to connect.

     For February, I resolve to get that camera-ready makeover I've needed to update my look. This may mean new glasses, a flattering new hair style or a photo-facial. Then I will get a new head shot taken.

     For March, I will start a Twitter account based on my brand. I want a Twitter account because 98 percent of journalists troll this site for story ideas. It's free atwww.Twitter.com. If I already have a Twitter account, I will tweet about my product, service or organization daily. I will start more than one account if needed. 

     For April, I will come up with a list of ten questions I'd like reporters to ask me about my brand, product, book or service. I will practice answering the questions on my smart phone (audio or video) and listen objectively to evaluate how I'm doing.Or, if I'm not trying to get publicity, I will come up with the ten hardest questions I'd like to avoid and come up with great responses.

     For May, I resolve to conduct a survey or poll. I will use the results for a press release, article, blog, speech or book.

     For June, I resolve to improve my ability to handle reporters' questions by joining Toastmasters (www.Toastmasters.org) or getting Soundbite coaching. If my organization hasn't had crisis communications training in 18 months or longer, I will schedule a workshop.

     For July, I will "like" the newspapers and TV stations in my area on Facebook, so that I can see their reporters' posts asking for guests and experts. I can also respond with my unique viewpoint when a story is posted that relates to my expertise.

      For August, I resolve to call each of the local reporters on my media list (see January's resolution) and offer my time as a content expert or a resource when needed.

      For September, I resolve to pitch a story about my organization, book, service or event to a community magazine, a blogger, a trade journal, an Internet radio program or a morning talk show... in other words, an outlet that might not be on my radar, but may result in nice publicity dividends.

      For October, I resolve to understand how the news media thinks by studying the following websites:www.poynter.org, www.newseum.org andwww.knightfoundation.org. 

     For November, I will compile all the news stories and TV clips in which I've been featured and add them under a "press" tab on my website. And I will tweet links to each one.

     For December, I resolve to write, send and post a press release or make a pitch about how my organization, product, service or book can help people reach their goals in 2016.