The Best Christmas Gift

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What is the best gift you can give yourself and others this year? Here are some thoughts:

1. A Mug with a Warning. 

Remind those who invade your designated writing time that they do so at their own peril!

(OK the rest of the tips are serious. This one was too...sorta! I mean let's be honest!)

2. Pull away to reflect and write. 

One suggestion is to set some goals that you want to attain in your writing this next year. Write down ideas for articles you can submit. Start an outline for your next book. Reach further than you did this year. S-T-R-E-T-C-H

3. Create a writing haven.

One I enjoy in the pre-dawn hours is the picture above--my living room with the love seat pulled up close to the fireplace with a mug of steaming coffee at arm's length. I discovered it by accident when a project I was managing blew up and the only way to get it back on track, and keep my other writing deadlines, was to start work around 4:00 a.m. each morning to carve out some additional time. Once the family is awake this is no longer a haven and I retreat to quieter quarters. Where is your haven?

4. Invest a Personal Word into Someone Else. 

You're a word smith. So use your gift to make someone laugh with a short story or personalized poem. Or a letter to a loved one to express their value in your life. Or perhaps a student or newbie writer coming up the ranks behind you, who could use a word of encouragement. The gift of a letter costs little monetarily, but is a true treasure when it comes from the heart. Priceless.

5. Be a Writer. 

You may be far down this road with multiple published pieces. If so, this word is not for you. This is for the writer within many who struggles to call themselves a writer. Remember, getting published isn't the end-all qualifier to being a writer. Recognizing you are a writer and the gift within you is where it begins. 

Tip of the Day: If #5 applies to you I recommend you get yourself a Christmas gift: 

You Are A Writer: (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins. It will make you laugh, encourage you how to take that step, and grow you in the writing process. 

So have yourself a Merry Christmas. 

Give the best gift possible this year to yourself and others. Give the gift of yourself with your words. 

Remember: words are powerful. Use them well. 

Karen Hardin - PriorityPR Group & Literary Agency