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Karen Hardin, Chief Publishing Guru


After working several years for a leading Christian publishing house, Karen Hardin thought she was walking away from the publishing industry when she married and moved overseas with her husband to work in full-time missions. Yet, even while overseas, book projects followed as Karen and her husband, Kevin, became involved in assisting ministries translate, publish & distribute books - totaling almost two million copies.
Six years and one baby later, they relocated back to the States. Publishing opportunities just naturally seemed to follow. Unsolicited, publishers began calling and seeking help with their projects. First one publisher, then another. Two babies later, PriorityPR Group & Literary Agency had launched numerous new books and authors and had taken on a life of its own.
We specialize in the Christian publishing industry but also work with publishers in the general interest marketplace. Our clients include authors, ministers, businessmen, nonprofit organizations, etc. We can help in a wide range of areas from marketing strategy, publishing, public relations, content development, writing and utilizing social media.
With 25 years of experience in the publishing industry, PriorityPR Group & Literary Agency has worked with numerous publishers and authors booking clients on programs & with print media such as:

  • USA Today
  • Larry King Live
  • The 700 Club
  • Trinity Broadcasting Network
  • Focus on the Family
  • Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer
  • The Christian Post
  • Daystar Television
  • Point of View
  • Life Today with James Robison
  • American Family Radio
  • Coral Ridge Hour
  • Charisma magazine
  • Todays Christian Woman
  • Homeword with Jim Burns
  • American Family Journal
  • ...and more!

Karen is a member of the Redbud Writer’s Guild.


Karen Hardin has over 25 years of experience in the publishing industry working in publicity, marketing, sales and writing. She has worked with many of the leading Christian publishers and ministries today helping to launch and create products.
Her clients and work have been featured in media such as “USA Today,” “MSNBC,” “The Glenn Beck Show,” “Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer,” “Life Today” and more.
She is the author of “Seasons of Life” and “Seasons of Love”  and which includes the stories of well-known Christian women such as former first lady, Nancy Reagan, Joyce Meyer, Ruth Bell Graham, Stormie O’Martian, Beverely LaHaye, Point of Grace, Jump5 and more. She is also the writer or ghost writer on several projects and her articles have appeared in “USA Today,” “Charisma,” “The Christian Post,” “Fresh Outlook,” and more. 
Karen has a passion to help others reach their highest potential and achieve their dreams with the message God has given them. She and her husband, Kevin, make their home in Oklahoma along with their three kids.

You can reach Karen directly at